welcome to Antioch church of christ

616 W. Tregallas Rd. Antioch, CA 94509  

925-628-4902 or 805-680-3852

Sunday morning: classes 9:30, Worship time 10:30
Sunday Night: 5:00 pm
Wednesday evening classes: 7:00 PM.

What We Believe

Gods people gathering together to support and empower each other and glorify Him .


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What Should I Expect When I Visit?

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Our entire worship is designed to engage your heart in knowing God. When you enter, you will be greeted as a friend. From your seat, you will join in as the entire group sings praises. We all participate in the Lord's Supper (Communion, Eucharist), our hearts are opened as we are led in prayers, and a Bible message is presented to impress us with truth for daily living. You aren't in an audience here. Everyone is a worshiper!

Are There Other Opportunities Besides Sunday Worship?

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We are all about people getting to know God and His plans, so we have many opportunities for study. Children's classes meet an hour before worship on Sunday morning and introduce age appropriate Bible concepts. Adult opportunities for learning include Sunday morning and Wednesday evening classes, occasional discussions on apologetics, and a regular schedule of ladies' classes. We have twice monthly prayer meetings for men and frequent get-togethers as friends.

What Creed or Denomination Do You Follow?

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While we do feel a kinship to other churches that wear the name "Church of Christ," we are not bound together by any denominational structure. There is no overseeing body nor is there any written set of rules other than the Bible itself. We independently choose our own path by reading His Word and using it as our guide in worship, church structure, and Christian living.

Other Questions?

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Our leadership team (elders, deacons, and preacher) is identified on this website with their phone numbers. Each one is waiting for your call. In addition, any member of the church can guide you in the direction of a Bible based answer. Either they know the answer or they can refer you to one who does. If no class seems to meet your need for learning, individual study sessions can be set up. Just speak with the preacher by phone call or when you see him at a worship or class time.